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Discover why cruising is so popular

So why is cruising so popular these days? Cruising provides great value for money, and includes nearly everything you'll need for a fantastic holiday, all-inclusive accommodation, daytime and evening entertainment and transportation between destinations. On a cruise, you unpack just once and your floating hotel takes you from city to city or from island to island, each morning, you'll wake up in ...

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Sail Away With Viking Cruises

We travel to explore, to learn, to understand. Journey into the heart of Europe, China, Southeast Asia and Egypt. Traveling by river, beyond the reach of roadways, you’ll discover the true nature of these fascinating lands and the people who call them home. You’ll travel with ease, unpacking just once and enjoying the ever-changing scenery along the banks as you are gently carried abo...

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Fairy-tale to folklore – cruising the Rhineland

The Rhine River borders six countries: Austria, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, The Netherlands and Switzerland and is arguably Europe’s most scenic river route. As you cruise along the Rhine you will encounter fairy tale castles and vineyards, several Roman ruins and cathedrals. Make sure you take earphones with you as you pass Lorelei Rock, as legend has it that sirens have lured sailors ...

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