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Save Money with Alba Travel Foreign Exchange

Alba Travel is proud to offer extremely competitive rates on foreign currencies, particularly compared to airports.

For example, on 15 August 2018:

  • Alba Travel - £1 = 1.095  Euro
  • Gatwick Airport - £1 = 1.02  Euro
  • Alba Travel - £1 = 1.240 US Dollars
  • Gatwick Airport - £1 = 1.18 US Dollars


If you are ordering by telephone, then please allow adequate time to ensure prompt delivery. Payment must be made by bank transfer as, due to banking regulations, we are not permitted to accept debit/credit cards over the telephone. Transactions cannot be finalised until payment is received. We accept all payment methods apart from cheques for instore transactions.

For up-to-date rates on any currencies please call our foreign exchange bureau on 01463 718008 or email, or you can complete the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.